Ministry of Internal Affairs construction FSUE Head killed by his partner?

Ministry of Internal Affairs construction FSUE Head killed by his partner?
According to the investigation, the murder of Volkov was ordered by his business partner because of his addiction to alcohol

The motive for the murder allegedly was the disagreement over the joint business.⁠

On suspicion of murder of 41-year-old head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) RSU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Nikolay Volkov his business partner Sergey Filippov was detained. Investigators believe that the reason for the violence was the conflict over the joint business. This is written by Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Volkov was shot dead on March 27, 2017 near the parking lot on the Osennyaya Street in Moscow. Residents of the neighboring house became witnesses to the crime. They saw two men carrying a third in the parking lot, and then they threw him there.

Two months after the crime, a friend and business partner of Volkov, a co-owner of the Velcom Plus firm, 48-year-old Sergey Filippov was detained, as well as their mutual friend and another suspect, a native of Latvia. The performers themselves have not been established yet.

Volkov and Filippov are familiar since 2003, when they became partners in the construction and gambling business. In 2007, Volkov went to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then lost the right to manage the business. His share in the enterprise he designed for his wife and daughter, after which he continued to receive income. After Volkov became Head of the construction FSUE, the company owned by Filippov began to receive large state orders for the construction of departmental facilities throughout Russia, including major repairs of the buildings of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; erection of the Iskra sanatorium in Sochi and others.

According to the investigation, recently, there have been disagreements between the partners because Volkov allegedly began to misuse alcohol, which had a negative impact on business and income. As a result, Filippov supposedly decided to eliminate his friend; he asked his friend to deal with this matter. He turned to the car service worker, who, along with two other men, killed Volkov.

The Filippov's lawyer considers the version of the investigation absurd. He notes that the businessman and the official had business relations, and in the event of the death of Volkov Filippov was deprived of expensive contracts. As a result, it happened, and the construction business of the entrepreneur became unprofitable. The defender noted that the witnesses reported a fight between the murdered and alleged killers. The lawyer believes that no evidence of Filippov's involvement in the death of his partner was provided.

Nikolay Volkov was killed on March 27 at about 10:30 p.m., when he returned home after work. The unknown in medical masks took his bag away, and then fired two times. As the ICR stated, at the moment there are at least five versions of the murder, ranging from banal robbery and ending with the contract murder.

According to Life, shortly before his death, Volkov told his family that he had stolen 10 billion rubles ($166.7m) in his department, while the higher management insisted that he sign false documents.



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