Ministry of Defense demands $6 million from plant of Nikita Mikhalkov's son-in-law

Ministry of Defense demands $6 million from plant of Nikita Mikhalkov's son-in-law
Albert Bakov

In addition, there is a case on declaring the machine-building enterprise bankrupt in court.

Moscow Arbitration Court received a suit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to Kurgan Machine Building Plant (KMZ) CJSC, which is headed by son-in-law of film director Nikita Mikhalkov Albert Bakov since 2016. According to, the amount claimed is 352 million 722 thousand rubles ($6.1m). However, the essence of the claims of the Ministry to the enterprise is not specified.

In April of this year a batch of landing vehicles was shipped from the plant within the framework of the current state defense order. The press service of the enterprise noted that KMZ performed the three-year contract ahead of schedule, and the quality of the delivered products did not cause any complaints.

It should be noted that the Kurgan defense enterprise is included in Tractor Plants concern, 49% of shares of which is owned by Albert Bakov. In the near future the holding plans to transfer the plant to the management of NPO Vysokotochnye Kompleksy of state corporation Rostekh. It is also worth-noting that in recent years KMZ has been considered a loss-making enterprise. Thus, by the end of 2016 KMZ has worked with a loss of 3.6 billion rubles ($62.3m). According to Etalon audit company, current net liabilities as of the end of last year exceeded the working assets of the enterprise by 5 billion 426 million rubles ($93.9m). After the company settles its debts, it will be transferred to Rostekh.

In addition, there is a case in court on the recognition of KMZ as a bankrupt.

Another company, where Albert Bakov and Nikita Mikhalkov himself have shares, has passed the bankruptcy procedure. We are talking about diamond company ChelProm-Diamond (CHPD). In November 2013 the company attracted the attention of the FSB. A criminal case was opened against ChelProm-Diamond on the fact of illegal circulation of diamonds. The amount of damage estimated by the investigation exceeded $1 million. The outcome of the criminal case is not known. To date ChelProm-Diamond, deep in long-term debts, is at the stage of bankruptcy proceedings.



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