Ministry of Defense accepts barracks repairs from Shoygu deputy’s protege without security check

Ministry of Defense accepts barracks repairs from Shoygu deputy’s protege without security check

Head of Vesta Nataliya Krasavtseva will not face proceedings due to the missed deadlines and the incorrect assessment of the barracks state when concluding the contract thanks to the support of Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov.

Commission of the Ministry of Defense accepted the major repairs of the Sergiev Posad military unit barracks despite the missed deadlines and incorrect assessment of their state, PASMI reports. According to the publication, Nataliya Krasavtseva, the company head, will not face proceedings, because Deputy Minister of Defense and ex-Head of Oboronstroy OJSC Timur Ivanov lobbies her interests.

The publication found out that the barracks did not require major repairs, but reconstruction, since the works affected the supporting structures; they had to be replaced and reinforced; in some places, the roof buildup and the relining of part of the rotten outer walls was required. The need for reconstruction was confirmed by the chief project engineer. In 2016, the management of the customer for capital construction of the Ministry of Defense pointed out that the work being carried out mismatched the concept of major repairs. 

Nevertheless, PASMI journalists found out that the representatives of Vesta ensured that the term “reconstruction” was replaced with “repair” in the project documentation. According to the publication, this was done because substantially more stringent requirements are applied to the reconstruction works, including mandatory state expert review of the project and the cost of the work. The General Directorate of Troops Arrangement, a subsidiary of Oboronstroy headed by Ivanov, was responsible for the repairs of military facilities in 2015.

If the works were qualified as a reconstruction, Vesta would have to return the advance payment and transfer the project to Spetsstroy, which lays outside Ivanov’s scope. 

In September 2018, the site underwent two checks. The first Commission included representatives of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office, who recruited independent experts to assess the work under the contract. The findings of this Commission have not yet been announced. The second Commission included representatives of the Ministry of Defense’s General Directorate of Troops Arrangement and the Sergiev Posad military unit. At the same time, according to the source close to the garrison, Vesta representatives put pressure on inspectors, reminding them of their ties with the Ministry of Defense. In particular, they mentioned Krasavsteva and Ivanov. According to the results of the second check, the certificates of acceptance of the barracks and the canteen were signed, and the Commission did not have any comments. 

Vesta signed a 152-million-ruble ($2.32 million) contract with the General Directorate of Troops Arrangement in 2015. Under the terms of the document, the contractor was supposed to overhaul the Sergiev Posad military unit. The contractor fell behind the deadline, as it was planned to commission the objects at the end of 2015, but work was still in progress. It is also reported that Vesta gained entry into the security zone even before the contract was officially concluded. According to the investigation authors, Ivanov may have to do with this. 

At the moment, ex-Head of Vesta Nataliya Krasavsteva holds a position in the Ministry of Defense. PASMI says that in 2017, she formally moved away from the company management and currently continues to control the business.  Journalists note that in one of the telephone conversations about the work on the Sergiev Posad military unit, she talks to a certain Timur Vadimovich. Presumably, it is the head of the General Directorate of Troops Arrangement.



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