Ministry of Culture innovations. Moscow Museum of Victory turns into shindig 

Ministry of Culture innovations. Moscow Museum of Victory turns into shindig
The press service of the museum does not discuss Turbinova's published photos and believes it's not relevant and meaningless Photo: The CrimeRussia

Kristina Trubinova, the deputy director of the Museum of Victory development department, published photo, which caused a scandal. In the photo Trubinova poses with two young people, one of who is dressed in the uniform of Standartenführer against the background of Nazi-banners with a swastika.⁠

Back in the days of Boris Yeltsin, the Federal Law "On the Prohibition of the Propaganda of Fascism in the Russian Federation" entered into force. According to Art. 5 of this law, all public authorities are obliged to oppose the propaganda of fascism, and according to Art. 8, the decision to bring to responsibility for the propaganda of fascism is taken by the court on the basis of the materials provided. The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation also contains relevant articles on this matter.

In addition, as is known, Russia punishes for corruption, misappropriation of state funds, violation of labor laws and so on. Unfortunately, the aforementioned legal articles do not apply to all.

So, Kristina Trubinova, the deputy director of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Museum of Victory) development department, which is located in Moscow at Poklonnaya Gora. In the photo Trubinova poses with two young people, one of who is dressed in the uniform of Standartenführer against the background of Nazi-banners with a swastika. According to the Federal Law "On the Prohibition of the Propaganda of Fascism in the Russian Federation", we are not entitled to publish this photo, but in order to emphasize the reliability of the above information, we do it.


And a few photos from the personal archive of Kristina Trubinova, published by her in social networks.



April 21, 2017 in Moscow, director of the Museum of Victory Central Committee Vladimir Zabarovsky, who held this post since 2003, died. Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky replaced him with Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Military Historical Society and his adviser Alexander Shkolnik (graduated from the faculty of journalism of the Ural State University, held managerial positions on radio and television, was a member of the Federation Council from the Sverdlovsk region). And his assistant became (by order of Medinsky) 26-year-old Kristina Trubinova, who had previously graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute and had no experience in museum, historical or archival activity. Actually, it was not necessary: the new leadership immediately took the path for the commercialization of the museum and the 'innovative' approach in the work. In their opinion, the museum should entertain and make a profit.

By order of the Ministry of Culture, signed by Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, the name of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War was interchanged by means of rebranding – the Great Patriotic War line was discarded. Now the institution is referred to as the Museum of Victory.

zabar (1).jpg

Under Vladimir Zabarovsky, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War was a cult memorial

med (1).jpg

Under Minister Medinsky, the Museum of Victory turns into a shopping and entertainment complex

Over the past months, the Medinsky's team in the person of Shkolnik and Trubinova turns the museum into an entertainment area with beer and selfie. Patriotic education (the main purpose of such institutions) is brought to nought: all activities for young people and veterans are reduced to "let's see the color of your money first" rule. Paradoxically, a restaurant under the unofficial name Leningrad Blockade was opened in the museum building. Its windows are covered with paintings of the besieged Leningrad, where people died of hunger. Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties are celebrated here, and the elected staff of the museum daily dine.

According to the sources of the CrimeRussia, since the arrival of new managers in the museum, its employees are losing their posts; they are fired, managers recruit ‘their’ staff, abnormalizing personnel. For example, if late director Zabarovsky had one assistant, then the present one has five, and the press service of the museum is staffed by almost a dozen people. By the way, it was the press service, which reacted to the scandal with Kristina Trubinova’s photos. According to her, the pictures were taken several years ago, which means that it is not relevant and meaningless to discuss them now. Trubinova deleted her Vkontakte page.

Prior to Poklonnaya Gora, Kristina Trubinova worked in the reception room of Vladimir Medinsky for several years, having been reputed among the staff of the department as a pushy asshole; she repeatedly mentioned that in the Literaturnaya Gazeta. According to sources, it was the flow of numerous complaints that forced Vladimir Medinsky to shift Trubinova to Poklonnaya Gora away.

From the museum staff, which remains anonymous, we became aware of what was happening in the institution. According to our interlocutors, the museum's management rented historical dioramas out for shooting model agencies. Half-naked models are advertising everything in sight on the Reichstag stairs conquered in 1945. Alexander Shkolnik alone, without any expert opinions of cultural figures and veterans, makes decisions on changing the artistic design of the building and museum expositions: the building does not need such renovations, but money plays its role.

3 (1).jpg

On such a background long-legged blondes are filmed in model agencies’ videos

On the roof of the museum an observation site has been erected (we recall that a governmental route runs alongside). There is information that the erection of this facility was not coordinated with the competent authorities, but guest workers built this structure without necessary labor registration and supervision. The museum security service, according to reports, did not approve the observation site, because it is unsafe for its visitors. Nevertheless, it functions, the director, in an orderly manner, forces all museum staff, including cleaners and accountants, to protect the life and health of tourists. For example, on September 9, on City Day, almost all the staff of the institution were on the roof to maintain order.

Also, according to the staff, the museum management constantly "winds" unnecessary services for schools and various kinds of organizations, and the question of double rise in prices for excursions is on the agenda.

Another strange initiative of the museum's management, especially Shkolnik, is an order that all be registered in social networks supposedly to promote the institution. After that the director demanded links to personal pages of employees. He also instructed to photograph employees in the family circle for further placement of these photos in the hall of the museum.

So far, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky lacks any reaction to the actions of his subordinates, despite the fact that active attempts are being made in the reprofiling of the memorial complex, which is illegal. It is also obvious that the budget funds allocated for the maintenance of the museum are spent by its leadership irrationally. Therefore, it is obvious that the Museum of Victory needs financial and technical verification.




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