Ministry of Culture explained why Roerichs Centre was evicted from Lopoukhins’ estate

Ministry of Culture explained why Roerichs Centre was evicted from Lopoukhins’ estate
Eviction of the Nicholas Roerich Museum from the Lopoukhins’ city estate

The Russian Ministry of Culture has posted information regarding the eviction of the International Center of the Roerichs from the Lopoukhins' estate in the center of Moscow.

According to the statement posted on the Ministry of Culture's official website, this was done to ensure the preservation of the historic monument.

The agency stresses that the Lopoukhins' city estate was granted the status of federal property back in autumn 2015. The Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo) transferred it to the State Museum of the East; this fact is confirmed by judicial decisions.

When conducting checks, Rosimushchestvo revealed numerous violations committed by the International Center of the Roerichs. In particular, an uncoordinated reconstruction was carried out and a capital facility was arbitrarily constructed. In addition, premises were provided to third parties.

As a result, the contracts for gratuitous use by the Roerichs Center were dissolved by the court. The main grounds for this was the inadequate maintenance of cultural heritage.

The Ministry of Culture stressed that the State Museum of the East was forced to take measures to ensure the safety of the Lopoukhins' city estate given the above-mentioned facts of improper handling of the cultural heritage site.

The International Center of the Roerichs, in its turn, posted information that armed people had come to the museum with police escorts, referring to the court decision to evict the Center.

The Roerichs Center representatives also added that they intend to appeal the court's decision to evict the museum from the Lopoukhins' estate.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, over 200 works, which were evidence in the swindling case against the ICR's main sponsor Boris Bulochnik, were seized during the previous search of the Roerich Museum. He is accused of the deliberate bankruptcy of Master Bank, the damage from which exceeded 61 billion rubles.⁠



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