Ministry of Communications Head pointed at inefficiency of Internet blocking

Ministry of Communications Head pointed at inefficiency of Internet blocking
Nikolay Nikiforov

Nikolay Nikiforov said it, speaking during the government hour at the State Duma.

"The Internet and digital technologies are developing in such a way that the blocking method will not allow us to achieve the desired result, and technology will always be promptly designed for each blocking, allowing it to be bypassed," the Minister said, adding that "we are acting the old fashioned way."

"In the case of blockings, our population studies very often, installs various software products, which by executing the user's command receive prohibited information through a server located in another jurisdiction where our law does not work," the Head of the Ministry of Communications added.

The very system of blockings, which is actively developing in the Russian Federation in recent years, is "unsustainable," the official said.

Nikoforov is convinced that it would be more correct "not to drive everyone into encrypted channels, but to closely monitor people who was searching for this or that information, access to this or that illegal content."

Earlier, in early October, the Head of Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Alexander Zharov, said that the department had set up a special department that would examine and analyze ways to block sites and Internet services, as well as ways to bypass these blockings. The very law on banning anonymizers and VPN-technologies and services that allow access to blocked sites was signed by the President in July.



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