Milonov to seek initiation of criminal case following impound lot conflict

Milonov to seek initiation of criminal case following impound lot conflict
Vitaly Milonov

The MP asked the MIA to carry out a ‘deratization’ of the city to get rid of bandits.

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov, known for his struggle against the moral decay of Russians through the persecution of homosexuals, as well as the ability to regularly find himself in the middle of scandals and conflicts, has declared a war on evacuation service workers. To recall, the parliamentarian was outraged by the sluggishness of the workers of St. Petersburg evacuation service, who, according to Milonov, caused damage to his car.

According to the local media, Milonov arrived at the praking lot along with his friend Nikolay Yashkin to pick up his evacuated car without the necessary documents. Baza reported that Milonov showed a State Duma deputy certificate to the service staff, but this did not impress the workers.

St. Petersburg media sources say Milonov was once again imagining homosexuals. He called the evacuation service workers gays.

A video apparently made by the deputy himself has appeared online. In the video, the MP demands that he be presented with pictures of the car not from one but from four sides. An impound lot employee pulls out a picture from his hands. After that, Milonov asks that the document be returned to him, calling the parking lot employee a “lowlife.” For unknown reasons, only a short fragment of the video was published, rather than the entire conflict between Milonov and the parking lot staff.

Now Milonov claims that he has found a scratch on the car, as well as damage to the gearbox. The deputy promises to make a large-scale scandal of the incident and seek the initiation of a criminal case. Milonov said that he was ready to file a complaint against the Ministry of Internal Affairs for possible refusal to “deratize” the city from bandits. The deputy stressed that he thus pursued not his personal interests, as one might think, but extremely high goals, acting on “on behalf of tens of thousands” of St. Petersburg residents.

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