Millionaire Polonsky runs for President 2018

Millionaire Polonsky runs for President 2018
Sergey Polonsky

Earlier, Sergey Polonsky avoided five years' imprisonment due to amnesty, after he was sentenced for fraud.

Businessman Sergey Polonsky, who avoided five years in prison, convicted for fraud after amnesty, says he is going to run for the Russian president.

"I officially declare that I am running for the president of the Russian Federation," Polonsky told journalists after a hearing in the Moscow City Court, where the prosecutor's appeal against the amnesty decision was considered.

Polonsky was able to avoid a five-year sentence in the colony due to the re-qualification of his actions for a softer article - on fraud in the field of entrepreneurial activity.

At the same time, he was formally recognized guilty of fraud for 2.6 billion rubles ($44.4m) in the construction of residential complexes Kutuzovskaya milya and Rublevskaya Riviera in Moscow. In May 2015, the authorities of Cambodia, where Polonsky was hiding from justice, handed him over to Russia.

The next presidential election in Russia will be held in March 2018, the election campaign should start in a few weeks.

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