Military Prosecutor's Office asks 20 years for Information Security Center officer accused of high treason 

Military Prosecutor's Office asks 20 years for Information Security Center officer accused of high treason
Dmitry Dokuchaev and Sergey Mikhaylov

The guilt of Sergey Mikhaylov and an employee of Kaspersky Lab, Ruslan Stoyanov, has been found fully proven.

The state has requested maximum sentences for defendants in the treason case of ex-Head of the operational management department of the FSB Information Security Center, Colonel Sergey Mikhaylov, and the Computer Incident Department of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov, Kommersant reports. The persons accused of disclosing information from operational and investigative activities in the case of Pavel Vrublevsky, the founder of the processing company Chronopay, to FBI for $10 million, may be sentenced to 20 years’ rigorous imprisonment. 

The publication reports that February 18, a debate on the case of Mikhaylov and Stoyanov was held in the Moscow District Military Court. A representative of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, who argues the case for the prosecution, ruled that the defendants’ guilt in State Treason (Art. 275 of the Russian Criminal Code) was fully proven and requested 20 years of rigorous imprisonment for them. The defense asked to acquit the defendants, as it believed there was no facts of treason in their case. Next week, Mikhaylov and Stoyanov, who do not plead guilty, will have to make their final statements, after which the judge will retire for sentencing. 

The criminal case against Mikhaylov and Stoyanov was initiated by the FSB Investigations Directorate in December 2016. Shortly afterwards, the defendants were detained at work. At the time of the arrest, Stoyanov was already working at Kaspersky Lab after serving as an operative for the management of special technical events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, Mikhaylov's subordinate Dmitry Dokuchaev and businessman Georgy Fomchenkov were also detained and arrested. All four of them were charged with high treason. The Military Court has not yet considered the materials in relation to Dokuchaev and Fomchenkov.   


Pavel Vrublevsky

According to the investigation, in 2011, Mikhaylov provided – through intermediaries – the FBI with information on operational investigations in the case of Pavel Vrublevsky, the founder of Chronopay, who is considered a cybercriminal in the United States. Mikhaylov and his subordinates had obtained the data participating in the operational development of Vrublevsky, who was accused of organizing a DDoS attack on the Assist payment system in July 2010. As a result of the attack, it was impossible to purchase Aeroflot e-tickets for several days. The investigation believes that Mikhaylov passed over the secret information recorded on a CD to Dokuchaev, and the latter transferred it to Stoyanov. In 2011, Stoyanov went to an international cyber security conference in Canadian New Denver, where he handed the CD to Kimberly Zentz, an employee of the American company I-Defense, which is involved in protecting information and actively cooperates with the FBI. Allegedly, entrepreneur Georgy Fomchenkov, who exported another secret data disk to the USA, operated according to a similar scheme. It is reported that the defendants were promised a remuneration totaling $10 million for the information, but it is not known whether they received the money.



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