Military Prosecutor’s Assistant steals Mercedes to "park it properly" 

Military Prosecutor’s Assistant steals Mercedes to "park it properly"

The car was found near a children's clinic in Verh-Isetsky district, 2.5 km away from the bar where it had been stolen.

A video is available online featuring a Military Prosecutor’s assistant of the Central Military District stealing a Mercedes Benz in Yekaterinburg.

The incident occurred on the New Year’s Eve. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Pavel Zaykov, the Captain of Justice aged 34, had been arrested on suspicion of stealing a Mercedes from the parking lot near a karaoke bar.

Police started their checks after a local resident turned to them reporting a theft of a Mercedes S-350 worth about 1.5 million rubles that he had left near La Major bar.

The car was found after a while. It turned out that Pavel Zaykov, the Captain of Justice, 34, was the hijacker. Initially, he refused to give any reasons, but later he did rationalize his actions.

According to the Prosecutor’s assistant, he got outraged that "the car was parked so wrong," and the officer chose to steal it and park it in accordance with the rules.

Meanwhile, according to, Zaykov had come to the club after an office party together with Vasily Zvyagin from the Anti-Corruption Department, both pretty drunk.

At about three o'clock in the morning, Zaykov went outside and saw a Mercedes pulling over, and its owner who got in a fight with his wife. A surveillance camera shows the car being parked near the entrance with the lights on and the driver's door open for a few minutes. Suddenly, the Prosecutor’s assistant got into the driver’s seat and drove away leaving the car’s owner and other witnesses just staying there. The "proper parking space" for the Mercedes was found near the children's clinic in Yekaterinburg’s Verh-Isetsky district.

The Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee is now conducting pre-investigation checks. No criminal case has been initiated yet. 

Video: The Military Prosecutor’s Assistant steals Mercedes to "park it properly"



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