Military man tells about explosion of rocket engine with radioisotopic power source on training range near Severodvinsk 

Military man tells about explosion of rocket engine with radioisotopic power source on training range near Severodvinsk

The video of the meeting of the military man and the citizens of Nenoksa settlement was recorded by hidden camera.

Newsader posted a video of a meeting of a military man and citizens of Nenoksa settlement near Severodvinsk. There was explosion of a rocket engine with a radioisotopic power source on the training range near Severodvinsk. The video was captured on hidden camera.

The military man says that during the trial, an irregular situation occurred. As a result, the explosion took place - it was not nuclear explosion, but explosion of an explosive item. The man emphasized that the trials of the engine had earlier been carried out, as well, however it was not reported to the citizens of the settlement.

The military man says called the citizens of the settlement for not comparing the incident with the disaster at Chernobyl Atomic Power Station. In his words, in case that kind of disaster happened in the Arkangelsk region, the circumstances and response measures would have been different. He added that the radiation contamination only came on those who were in the immediate area of the engine that was tested. Those who entered the exploded ponton died. The victims were taken to Nenoksa for decontamination.

Besides that, the man said that one of the pontons - along with a container with equipment, ropes and chains - was cast to the White Sea coast.

“I know that someone has already decided to visit the place where the wreckage is. I want to warn you that those issues you’re afraid of might happen. This will happen in case someone climbs these pontons or take something that lies at the coast and looks safe,” the military man said.

The agency did not manage to determine the time when the video had been recorded. Analysts of Radio Liberty and a Swiss expert Pavel Podvig told about its credibility.

The explosion at the coast of the White Sea near Severodvinsk took place on August 8. The incident is reported to have taken place during the examination of a rocket. Seven persons died, a few got injuries.

On the day of the explosion, the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia determined that there was radiation rising near Severodvinsk, however it they tied to a cloud of radioactive inerting gas that was passing by. Norwegian station that borders with Russia also determined insignificant radiation rising.



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