Migrant riots near Moskva Mall organized by crime lords

Migrant riots near Moskva Mall organized by crime lords
The police detained several dozen people during the riots

Law enforcers have detained a member of ethnic crime group nicknamed Khadzhi Khedoy.

Gangland representatives are suspeсted of orchestrating the riots outside the Moskva Mall in September, Moskovsky Komsomolets says. According to the publication, law enforcement officers detained two suspects – 48-year-old Khidiyatullo Rakhmatov, known in the criminal world as Khadzhi Khedoy, and previously convicted 32-year-old Ruslan Chushchakov – in the southeast of the capital.

According to one of the leads, Khedoy, who had been previously released from colony, could have used his influence to help fellow countrymen in solving the problem. In addition, it is known that he is a member of an ethnic crime group. It is possible that Khadzhi had received the order for riots from above, the publication notes.

As reported by a Moskovsky Komsomolets's source in the law enforcement bodies, siloviki got a lead on the suspects thanks to records from CCTV cameras.

It should be added that Khidiyatullo Rakhmatov had started his career on the Cherkizovsky market, where he had been collecting 'tribute' from the vendors and passed it on to his masters, who opened a market in Lyublino after the Cherkizovsky market was closed. In 2003, Khidiyatullo got promoted and began to supervise drug smuggling in bulldozers. The scheme was exposed in 2003-2005, resulting in Khadzhi Khedoy being sentenced to 12 years in a colony. After being released on parole, Rakhmatov returned to the service to his former bosses and continued to run an extortion racket.

As for the second detainee, Ruslan Chushchakov, all is known is that he had established GORSTROYINVEST Construction Company and studied in Bashkortostan, where Khidiyatullo had allegedly served part of his sentence.

To recall, about 250 migrants took part in the riots outside the Moskva Mall. Law enforcers managed to prevent the bloody massacre. 67 people were detained and brought to a police station.



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