Miass police help to dismiss state company director affiliated with Turbazovskie OCG

Miass police help to dismiss state company director affiliated with Turbazovskie OCG
Nikolay Rykalin

Nikolay Rykalin, the head of the Chelyabinsk state trolley company, was dismissed. He was the company head until June 9. Rykalin is affiliated with the Turbazovskie OCG.

Olga Morozova, the new director, had to ask the police for help to get into the company office, Ura.ru reported. Morozova had been the company director before Rykalin, who was appointed its director in February 2015. The police also helped serve Rykalin his dismissal papers. Morozova eventually made it into the company director room; the company is being audited now.

Rykalin told Znak.ru that he believes his dismissal was illegal, explaining that he was dismissed for a missed day at work. Rykalin claimed he had taken a vacation first, then took sick leave. Rykalin is going to sue his former employer.

The Town of Miass believes Rykalin’s dismissal was a result of an ongoing effort to eradicate Turbazovskie, a local gang, Ura.ru noted. Rykalin had already been the company director when Viktor Ardabievsky was the city manager. The company went bankrupt twice under Rykalin’s management.

Rykalin is affiliated with Turbazovskie, according to the publication. He has ties to Ralif Faizov, one of its leaders. Faizov and Ardabievsky are awaiting sentencing by the Moscow Region Court. In late 2012, Rykalin was convicted of violation of article 115, part 1 (Intentional Infliction of Light Injury) for severely beating his wife who had filed for divorce. Rykalin had also been prosecuted for beating someone when he was younger.

It is worth mentioning that Grigory Tonkikh became the acting town head after Miass Mayor Gennady Vaskov had been arrested on suspicion of overreach. A special town hall committee tried to enter the company officers to examine its documents on May 15. However, they were not allowed in there. May 22, the local energy supplier sent the town hall a notification saying it was going to cut off the power supply to the company due to accumulated debts. On May 25, an agreement on debts restructuring was reached; the decision to change the company head was made.

It will be decided who will become the next Miass Mayor on July 6. There are ten contenders.



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