No knickers, policemen. MIA searches office of scandalous Taganrog Police Deputy Chief Vadim Shkabarnya 

No knickers, policemen. MIA searches office of scandalous Taganrog Police Deputy Chief Vadim Shkabarnya
Law enforcers broke into Vadim Shkbarnya's office and sealed it Photo: The CrimeRussia

The senior police official, who discredited himself before the whole country, has become the subject of inspection by the Internal Security Service of the MIA General Administration in the Rostov region.

Within mere days after the CrimeRussia had published a story about the Deputy Chief of the MIA Department for economic crimes and combatting the corruption in Taganrog, Vadim Shkabarnya, he became the center of media attention. The Lieutenant Colonel was shown on central TV, and even became the hero of the show by a notable Russian comic, Maxim Galkin. The published material featured some naughty photos of Vadim Shkabarnya, dressed in women's underwear and dancing in the Valiano nightclub on a private party. Everyone has his own interests, but the police officer was having it large at a party dedicated to the Day of Police.


The whole country was trying to guess whether the officer, who actually disgraced the honor of the police, would be fired. Many people even spoke in his defense, insisting that he was a funny guy with good sense of humor. At the same time, the sources of the CrimeRussia reported that many high-ranking officers of the Rostov region actually started worrying. Everyone had these shows with some photos probably left as well. Few know for sure if they can be published either, and nobody rules out internal conflicts. It is no secret that the details of one's personal life can be used as grounds for dismissal or further promotion.

In this case, Vadim Shkabarnya managed to keep his place. According to the source of the CrimeRussia, one of the reasons he managed to ensure his safety was the patronage of his good friends in the MIA General Administration in the Southern Federal District.

However, the police officer has been repeatedly criticized in the media, where he was indirectly accused of aiding raider attacks on enterprises and protection racket for businessmen. This could cause another inspection that Shkabarnya is currently undergoing.


Sources claim that the investigators of the Internal Security Service of MIA General Administration in the Rostov region have a lot of questions to Lieutenant Colonel Vadim Shkabarnya, but mutual responsibility is still the rule for law enforcement in this country. Especially when a superior structure is the one that counteracts. The source notes a peculiar situation in the region. By decree of the Russian President, the MIA departments in federal districts have been abolished, with the exception of the North Caucasian Federal District. At the same time, experts believe that the existence of Internal Security Services in the districts in no way helps to improve the quality of police work. That is, the investigators from the Internal Security Service can do the job of cleansing the ranks from the corrupt officials all by themselves. As a result, they have collision of interests, and sometimes the structures within MIA oppose each other for the sake of personal gains.

New details about Shkabarny'a work that the CrimeRussia learned from its source serve only to prove that such a situation actually exists in the law enforcement.

Вадим Шкабарня

On the evening of November 24, a member of the Operation and Search Division of the Internal Security Service of the MIA department in the Rostov region came to the MIA department in Taganrog for the purpose of inspecting the work of Vadim Shkabarnya. The senior police officer was absent, gone hunting, according to available data. The closed door of his office was opened and the premises searched. As a result, the investigators found 7 negative decisions on criminal cases, which featured one of the local influential businessmen. All cases were dated 2013-2014. Even more curious, Shkabarnya had not been authorized to make those decisions, since he is engaged in the investigation of economic crimes.

The source of the CrimeRussia reminded that members of the Internal Security Service are not required to report to anyone about their forthcoming visits, and that is why their arrival was a shock to the local police. Upon learning that Shkabarnya's office was being searched, one of the leaders of the MIA department in Taganrog quickly arrived at the scene and was very emotional in his attempts to persuade the investigators that the documents they had found were top secret. He claimed that the businessman mentioned in those documents had been suspected of having links with the local prosecutor's office, which prevented from reporting about it. With these words, the policeman took the case materials and tried to escape. The investigators were surprised by such behavior, but still seized the documents and drove to the regional center, sealing Shkbarnya's office before that. The CrimeRussia has obtained the photo of the sealed premises.



After the incident, rumors started to spread about the imminent arrest of Vadim Shkabarnya, but the next day his office was back to normal. There are reasons to assume that the lower structure once again lost to the superior one. But would the regional MIA department really benefit from such a confrontation? Moreover, such incidents discourage the public and make them doubt their police.

For all the strangeness of the situation, according to the source of the CrimeRussia, the fight against unscrupulous police officers will continue, regardless of the internal confrontation. The source claims that the story with Shkabarnya is not finished and will be brought to its logical conclusion.



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