MIA’s colonel known as Cyborg beaten half to death in remand prison #4

MIA’s colonel known as Cyborg beaten half to death in remand prison #4
Remand prison #4

Now, he is unconscious and in serious condition.

MIA’s colonel Ivan Kibalnichenko arrested on suspicion of swindling has been cruelly beaten up in a remand prison #4 located in Moscow’s Medvedkovo district. This was assumed by Baza Telegram channel following the results of examination by doctors.

Health worker of the remand prison is reported to have said to the ambulance that had been summoned that Kibalnichenko had suffered from terminal congestive heart failure. However, when he was taken to a hospital, he was diagnosed with ruptured spleen, hypostasis of legs and reproductive organs. Doctors of the hospital where Kibalnichenko had been taken to suppose he had been beaten up. Now, he is unconscious and in serious condition, so it is unknown what had happened in the remand prison.

Head of the Juvenile Division of the Directorate of Internal Affairs in Moscow’s Central Administrative District Ivan Kibalnichenko was detained a year ago on suspicion of swindling. The investigation theory is that he and his intermediary promised to settle an issue related to tax debts for $100 thousand. Before he was transferred to the Directorate of Internal Affairs in the Central Administrative District, Kibalnichenko (aka Cyborg) was a head of the Department of Internal Affairs Arbat.

There had been scandals related to beating up and even murders of inmates in the remand prison #4. In 2016, there were 4 inmates who died there in a span of 2 months. The first one was a 33-year-old man accused of theft. He was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with head injury. In less than a month, another accused of theft was found dead in his cell. Then, another man died in the remand prison. He was found dead with his throat slashed. The last one on this ‘black list’ was a 34-year-old inmate. Another inmate was rescued following a suicide attempt.

After that, investigation into a member of an organized crime group Lyuberetskaya Sergey Shchipantsev (aka Malysh) and a leader of Izmailovskaya organized crime group Aleksander Afanasiev (aka Afonya) was launched. It was found out that Malysh and Afonya had ‘terrorized’ inmates of the remand prison Medved for a long time: they beat them up, threatened and extorted money.

In March, this year, Moscow’s Babushkinsky district court sentenced Shchipantsev to 5 years behind bars. He was accused of giving bribes to a doctor of the remand prison #4 Irina Rayskaya. 8.5 years of his sentence was counted at the expense of his previous term. So, this autumn, Shchipantsev has a chance to be released. He was acquitted as to the other instances - extortion of a house from Sergey Bortnikov and causing grievous bodily harm that resulted in death of another inmate Dmitry Shiryaev. Afanasiev was fully acquitted by court. He had earlier been sentenced for robbery and possession of a firearm to 12 years in a strict regime colony, so he was not released.



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