MIA of Buryatia demands IP-addresses of readers who criticize region head

MIA of Buryatia demands IP-addresses of readers who criticize region head
Head of the region, Aleksey Tsydenov

The editor’s office of the publication said that it had no intention to provide such data.

The Center ‘E’ and Department 'K’ of the MIA Directorate in the Republic of Buryatia asked Nomer Odin to provide the IP-addresses of readers who commented negatively on one of the materials dedicated to Head of the region Aleksey Tsydenov on the site.

According to the message of the news portal editor’s office, they have received two requests from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding comments to the article “The Government of Buryatia to spend millions on updating the car fleet and furniture.” The article concerned the purchase of furniture and cars worth 7 million rubles ($105,537) for officials.

Most readers were outraged by such spending in the current socio-economic situation of the republic.

“It seems to us quite natural.  At the same time, neither the editor’s office of Nomer Odin, nor Roskomnadzor found any violation of the law in the comments. However, the police thought otherwise,” the message says.

In particular, the police requested the personal data of the user nicknamed “Guest,” whose comments, the department believes, “inclined to impede the activities of state authorities.”

The editors of the portal added that they were not going to disclose the personal details of the readers to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



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