MIA Lieutenant Colonel who killed himself in Ufa was involved in embezzlement

MIA Lieutenant Colonel who killed himself in Ufa was involved in embezzlement

Lieutenant Colonel of MIA Internal Service Irek Bikbulatov has committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of a hospital in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan.

The police officer was in the hospital receiving treatment after injuries sustained in a traffic accident. The incident occurred on the evening of 22 of December.

Agency check, the materials of which will be referred to investigative authorities, is currently being held to establish the causes and circumstances of the accident. According to Senior Assistant of the Head of the ICR in Bashkortostan Svetlana Abramova, the 43-year-old Lieutenant Colonel is likely to have committed suicide.

Meanwhile, as Life notes, deceased Internal Service Lieutenant Colonel Bikbulatov, who served as the Deputy Head of the Center for Economic and Service Support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Bashkortostan FSI, was a defendant in a criminal case on charges of swindling. The senior employee of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs had received more than 4 million rubles as a social benefit for the purchase of an apartment, concealing the fact he already had a housing.

According to investigation, in August 2012, Bikbulatov asked the Interior Ministry leadership to grant him a one-time payment, to which enforcement officers are entitled for the purchase or construction of housing. However, the Colonel concealed the fact he had already invested in the construction of an apartment in a housing association, fully paid for it, and registered title allowing him to move in. In December 2013, he received more than 4 million rubles from the budget, and then spent the money on various needs.



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