MIA comments on looters at landing site of Airbus A320

MIA comments on looters at landing site of Airbus A320

One of the specialized portals reported that the looters had already stolen life jackets, as well as bags with emergency equipment.

Some people are looting the Ural Airlines liner, which made a hard landing in a cornfield immediately after takeoff from Zhukovsky airport.

This is reported by FlightMode referring to its own sources. The portal primarily suspects the locals of such blasphemous theft. At the same time, the authors remind that the place of the emergency was cordoned off. Investigators and other specialists work there in the daytime. Experts determine how to best disassemble the aircraft in order to take it out of the field.

According to a source, life jackets and bags with emergency equipment have already been stolen.

At the same time, the MIA Main Directorate in the Moscow region deny this information. 

“The information about the alleged cases of looting at the scene of the emergency landing in the Moscow region is not true,” the press service of the department said.

One of the rescued passengers, Alla Garkovenko, who made a video after an emergency landing, is being bullied on the Net. For example, the Daily Mail, which reported on the girl, called her an “ungrateful stripper.”



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