MIA 4th department being checked on involvement in Shaltay-Boltay

MIA 4th department being checked on involvement in Shaltay-Boltay
Leader of Shaltay-Boltay hacker group Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis)

Investigators believe that the law enforcement agencies could provide access to sensitive data.⁠

New defendants may soon appear in the high-profile case of hacker group Shaltay-Boltay. According to Life, the FSB and the General Administration of Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) are scrutinizing police units and employees having access to high security facilities and classified information. In particular, investigators suspect that the 4th Department of the MIA on protection of secure facilities may have law enforcement officers, who cooperated with hackers.

Security forces launched an examination of the police unit a few days ago. The source of Life specified that during the inspection they would pick up all the personal files of employees and compromising material available against them. Investigators will conduct interviews and polygraph examination if necessary with police officers to whom they have some questions.

There are more than 180 critical and sensitive facilities in the jurisdiction of the 4th department of the MIA: 40 closed towns and specific areas, 10 nuclear power plants, Central Bank vaults in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Oryol, and other objects.

Investigators suspect that the police special forces detachment could assist Shaltay-Boltay hackers in digging for sensitive information using their service benefits and connections.

Earlier, according to unofficial data, senior executive of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov, FSB CIS officials Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev were detained in the framework of the case of the hacker group. Sources of Rosbalt reported that the hackers had worked under the control of the FSB and published leaks provided by security services. However the investigation authorities deny this information, indicating that Stoyanov, Mikhailov and Dokuchaev are accused of high treason. Meanwhile, investigators do not disclose details of their criminal case.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, members of Shaltay-Boltay – its founder Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), Alexander Filinov (Mad Hatter) and Konstantin Teplyakov (March Hare) were arrested in November last year. Currently they are in pretrial detention center Lefortovo. They were charged under part 3 of Art. 272 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Access to Legally-Protected Computer Information). According to investigators, the group members obtained compromising material on public figures and then demanded a ransom from them, otherwise – sold the data for Bitcoins via Ukraine and published them in the public domain.

A few members of the group are still free. In particular, Alexander Glazastikov (Shaltay) who hides in the Baltic States and enthusiastically gives interviews to the media. 30-year-old Irina Shevchenko (Alice), partner wife of Anikeev and citizen of Ukraine, has also been issued an arrest warrant. According to operative data, she helped the group to obtain information. Shevchenko visited places in Moscow, where high-ranking officials and businessmen gathered together, and with the help of special equipment remotely downloaded all data from their smartphones and laptops.



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