MGIMO students who hit biker dead are prominent businessmen’s children 

MGIMO students who hit biker dead are prominent businessmen’s children
The accident claimed life of 23-year-old Arkady Dymov, head of bike class MADI moto

Relatives and friends of 23-year-old Arcady Dymov, who died in the accident, are afraid that the connections or money of the perpetrators of the accident will help them avoid punishment for the action committed.⁠

MGIMO students Arkady Smelov and Yulia Dubovtseva, who hit 23-year-old biker Arkady Dymov dead on their Mercedes, turned out to be children of big businessmen.

Thus, the family of 20-year-old Yulia Dubovtseva from Korolev, the Moscow region, owns four large companies. Her father, Oleg Dubovtsev, is the Head of capital firm Lincotek, the subsidiary of which supplies fuel to the Defense Ministry, the Interior Ministry and Transneft. Subsidiary company Vertical receives multi-million-rubles state contracts annually. Only in 2017 the company signed contracts for almost 1.5 billion rubles ($25.4m).

In addition, Dubovtsev owns a large company engaged in repairing household appliances called Orbita, registered in Novosibirsk. The businessman is also part of the board of directors of capital investment company Strela.


Yulia Dubovtseva

The assets of Arkady Smelov’s family are a little smaller. As reported by Life, Smelov's parents previously owned Moscow region company Promoblgaz, which traded liquid fuel and gas. At the moment the company is dissolved. Subsequently, the Smelovs engaged in the restaurant and retail business, setting up company T.F. Diona company. Its revenue for 2015 was 18 million rubles ($304.9 thousand). Probably, the Smelovs also earn money by leasing real estate. In early June 2017 Dmitry Smelov registered as an individual entrepreneur leasing his own property.


Arkady Smelov

As The CrimeRussia has written, the fatal accident occurred at night on June 27. The Mercedes-Benz ML driver changing lanes hit the biker on a Yamaha R1 motorcycle on Kutuzovsky Avenue near house 48. According to eyewitnesses of the accident, Yulia Dubovtseva was then at the wheel of the foreign car, but after the accident Arkady Smelov changed places with her and disappeared. Witnesses contend someone took the fellow traveller of the MGIMO student away from the accident scene in another car in an unknown direction. The hit biker, who turned out to be a 23-year-old student, head of MADI moto motorcycle class at the Physical Education Department of the MADI University Arkady Dymov, was urgently hospitalized. Despite the fact that the young man was wearing a motorcycle outfit, he died after several hours on the operating table of intensive care from the injuries.

As for the MGIMO student, who fled in a white Mercedes, he failed go far away. Literally a few kilometers from the deadly accident, Smelov lost control of the vehicle and flew off the route, ramming a bus stop. By this time, Road Patrol Service staff arrived. The 20-year-old boy was frankly arrogant and cheeky qith the inspectors. Using an alcohol detection device, the policemen found that Arkady Smelov's blood had 0.39 per mille of alcohol.

As it became known, on the eve 20-year-old student of MGIMO Yulia Dubovtseva came to the police to admit guilt. She confirmed the eyewitnesses’ testimonies that she had been the driver of the Mercedes at the time of the collision, and Smelov had moved to the driver's seat after the accident.

Father of the deceased biker Arkady Dymov Sr. told RT that the girl's father had called him and offered his condolences, as well as asked to forgive his daughter.

"He did not offer me money. But I do not need his money. I'm not a scoundrel to trade my son," Dymov Sr. said.

According to him, he wants only one thing – an objective investigation.

"I'm not seeking revenge, I do not want anyone's blood. I want the investigation to sort out the situation and punish the culprit. I hope that after the guys (friends and acquaintances of the son) spurred such a resonance, the investigation will be even-handed", Arkady Dymov Sr. commented.



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