Methadone and marriage. New crimes of murderer-district policeman transpire

Methadone and marriage. New crimes of murderer-district policeman transpire
Sergey Krokhin

The policeman from St. Petersburg, who is already sentenced to life imprisonment, was charged with new episodes of swindling and murder.

Former district police officer of St. Petersburg Sergey Krokhin, who killed 6 people for apartments, was charged with new crimes. According to investigators, he tried to get real estate using methadone.

The policeman’s accomplice, Zubar Zubov, had to make sure that the alleged owners of an apartment worth 6 million rubles ($ 94,000) took a lethal dose of methadone. But the plan failed – the criminals miscalculated. “One of the victims had nothing to do with the apartment, while Zubov had to strangle the other two because they refused to take the drug.

Also, the criminals killed a Petersburger so that her apartment would be inherited by her son. After that, they gained his confidence, which was not hard given the man’s problems with alcohol. The criminals sold a share in the apartment for 800,000 rubles ($ 12,500).

Another episode of swindling is related to an attempt to get a share in the apartment by marrying their accomplice. But it once again turned out a failure – the husband guessed that his wife actually had a relationship with Zubov, and refused to register a part of the apartment in her name. 

Krokhin was sentenced to life imprisonment, his accomplices received sentences from 8 to 13 years in prison.



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