Mercedes owned by Consul of Tajikistan Mukhammadnazar Mirzoda intercepted in St. Petersburg 

Mercedes owned by Consul of Tajikistan Mukhammadnazar Mirzoda intercepted in St. Petersburg
In St, Petersburg, Mercedes belonging the Consul of Tajikistan Mukhammadnazar Mirzoda has been intercepted

The car of the Honorary Consul of Tajikistan was intercepted late in the evening of March 31 in the Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg.

According to the media, after shooting broke out on Blagodatnaya Street, five police cars began pursueing a car with a diplomatic licence plate. They managed to block Mercedes S350 near the restaurant Tsarsky Dvor, which is located next to the Park Pobedy. At the same time, the guardians of order did not exactly rush to take harsh measures to detain people in the car, as the Mercedes had a red licence plate number 900D099 78, which grants diplomatic immunity. 

It was established that this registration plate belonged to Honorary Consul of Tajikistan in St. Petersburg, 58-year-old Mukhammadnazar Mirzoda. 


According to the media, the reasons for the consular car detention have not yet been revealed. However, the place, where the conflict with shooting took place, is where people from Tajikistan usually gather. The other day, a group of 10 people from Central Asia arrived to the intersection of Gagarin and Basseinaya streets; they were later joined by cars with diplomatic license plate, which soon left. Another popular place for their meetings is Dzhanelidze Research Institute. According to preliminary data, this was where an injured Tajik was taken after the shootout.

As for Mukhammadnazar Mirzoda, the media have not had a chance to contact him to shed light on the situation.

It should be added that he has been holding the post of Honorary Consul since 2010. He is also the head of the Tajik diaspora in the northern capital.

Video: Car of Honorary Consul of Tajikistan in St. Petersburg detained after shooting



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