Men beat two girls near Anapa administration  

Men beat two girls near Anapa administration
The men who attacked the girls Photo: REN TV

None of the taxi drivers who were nearby broke on.

At about 2:30 am in Anapa, men beat two girls. Video of the incident hit the social network. Frames captured how a scuffle between girls and men broke out. The man first attacks one of the ladies. Later, the second also faces the punch. She falls on the roadway from the blows received.

According to eyewitnesses, the girl hit her head on the curb and lost consciousness. Both girls were seriously injured.

“One got a concussion, the second received multiple fractures of the jaw with displacement, bruises, clothes are torn,” the video caption says.

Meanwhile, REN TV was able to talk to one of the victims. According to her, they went in the direction of the administration. A crowd of guys (according to preliminary data, there were 5 of them) holloed them. "They said: "Hey, girls. We have a lot of money, come with us,” the victim recalls. The girls did not respond.


“Then one of them began to insist that he can do everything. We climbed the stairs, ordered a taxi from the current location. At that moment, one of the men approached us and began to say that we are so rude and we should not refuse. We explained that we didn’t need money, then the others got up and started saying that they could do all. Then I asked him: “And who are you to tell us what to do?” said the victim. During the altercation, the girl joked obscenely, after which one of the men hit her in the face. Her friend said that it is impermissible to behave with girls like that.


“Next, a friend began to tell him that it was impermissible to communicate like that, so they insulted us and called us animals. My girlfriend tried to wipe at him, he hit her several times, picked the phone, then the second guy hit her too, and she fell, hit her head on the curb, stood up and said: give me my phone, and he broke it on the asphalt. She tried to get up, and one of them hit her with the legs in the face, after which she lost consciousness for a while. Then they tried to continue, but I picked up a friend, and we got into a taxi,” the interlocutor explained.

It is noteworthy that all the time while the men beat the girls, three taxi cars stood a meter away and none of the drivers broke on, and did not even say a word, and did not call the police to report a crime.

The press service of the Territorial Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reported that an audit was being conducted on this fact.



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