Members of police OCC were looking for teenagers from dysfunctional families for pedophiles

Members of police OCC were looking for teenagers from dysfunctional families for pedophiles

Details have come to light about an organized crime community made up of police officers, who had established a network of speed dating for pedophiles in Moscow with a view to blackmail them.

The Main Investigations Directorate of the ICR for Moscow has initiated a criminal case under Art. 210 (Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein) and part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an Especially Large Scale) against seven members of an organized crime community, consisting of current and former police officers, who had been arrested in Moscow.

According to MIA press service, suspects in the criminal case had already been dismissed from the internal affairs bodies. The General Administration of MIA in Moscow will conduct an inspection at the MIA Department for the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, where OCC members served.

Today, the court will consider the application for the arrest of former investigation security officer for the Perovo District MIA Department Aleksandr Rubanov, suspected of the OCC organization, as well as its members, namely Head of the Criminal Investigation Department for Ivanovskoe District MIA Department Sergey Lomakin, his subordinate, Senior Police Sergeant Aleksandr Valuev, former employee of the Criminal Investigation Department for the Perovo district Igor Frolov, and two civilian members of the criminal community, Amiraslanov and Golikov.

According to Kommersant, operation to apprehend OCC members was held on September 29, although the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department has been investigating into the criminal community since April. Members of the organized crime community were simultaneously detained in different parts of the city (some at their place, others at their office), and then delivered them to the 2nd Investigation Department for investigation of particularly important cases at the Main Investigations Directorate of the ICR on Novokuznetskaya Street.

According to investigation, the arrested police officers had organized a network of brothels for persons of nontraditional sexual orientation. OCC members would search for teenagers from dysfunctional families using database of Commission for Minors' Affairs of the Russian MIA.

The police officers would discuss with teenagers their work in the underground brothels, and then publish ads on the provision of sexual services, posting their photos on the relevant online websites. The publication notes that the teenagers were taught to detect wealthy clients; police officers would demand large sums of money from the pedophiles for failure to open criminal proceedings into an intimate relationship with minors.

According to ICR officers, the amount of compensation ranged from a few hundred thousand to millions of rubles.

The scheme worked smoothly until one of the blackmailed pedophiles reported the extortion to law enforcement agencies despite the threat of criminal prosecution.



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