Member of PMC: "Nikita Belykh became disabled person in jail" 

Member of PMC: "Nikita Belykh became disabled person in jail"
Nikita Belykh

The former Governor of the Kirov region complains of tightening conditions in the detention center Lefortovo and deteriorating health. Members of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of Moscow visited the former official and learned that he can barely move around in the cell because of "the failed leg", while the treatment of prison doctors is reduced to anesthesia.

According to Nikita Belykh, who was arrested for accepting a bribe of 400 thousand euros, he does not eat anything for a few days. This is not a hunger strike in protest, but the lack of appetite due to a problem with his leg. On the problem of the former official it was reported last week. Visited the ex-Governor right defenders saw that Nikita Belykh barely moves.

At the same time, the administration of the detention center Lefortovo, where Nikita Belykh stays from June 2016, knowing the health condition of the prisoner, forbade members of the PMC to communicate with him in the cell. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, giving other room, the path to which took a lot of time and effort of the prisoner. According to experts, the actions of the administration of the detention facility violate the law on public control and human rights.

Nikita Belykh told in an interview with MK that ​​he visited the prison doctors, but the drugs prescribed do not help him: "In my opinion, they just give me painkillers to make me take a rest (because until I could not sleep from the pain). I'm due to them in such a strange state: it is difficult to meet all the time sleepy and lying".

According to him, the situation with his marriage to 30-year-old Katerina Reyfert was not solved. The bride and lawyers of Belykh did not receive permission from the investigator to the wedding.

Екатерина Рейферт

Katerina Reyfert

In addition, Nikita Belykh complained that for the time being in jail, the inspector did not give him any visits from his family, refusing even to meet with his mother on the basis of that the communication would endanger the investigation.

"The ratio of guards to prisoners is similar to animals," said Nikita Belykh in a conversation with MK. - "People here work without higher education, plus professional deformation - what to expect from them? About the presumption of innocence many have not heard."

Previously, Nikita Belykh said that the pressure exerted on him to force him to incriminate himself.

Nikita Belykh was arrested on June 24, 2016 in Moscow, at the restaurant Lotte Plaza, while supposedly receiving bribes. According to investigators, he personally and through an intermediary received 400 thousand euros. The former official does not recognize guilt and denies taking bribes. According to investigators, the ex-Governor received the bribe for the protection of JSC Novovyatskiy Ski Factory and LLC Forest management company. With regard to the ex-Governor a criminal case was initiated on the fact of Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (part 6, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), he faces up to 15 years in prison. On December, 21, the Basmanny Court of Moscow extended the arrest of Belykh till March 24, 2017.



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