Gelandewagen chase participant: policeman poked my throat with gun

Gelandewagen chase participant: policeman poked my throat with gun

The participants of the notorious chase on the SUV belonging to the son of the Vice-President of Lukoil counterattack. They are accused of using force against the public officers.

Another defendant in the high-profile criminal case spoke in court against the traffic police, accusing them of aggressive behavior during the arrest. This happened at a hearing in the Gagarin District Court, where the case of Abduvakhob Majidov, Ruslan Shamsuarov and Victor Uskov is heard.

Uskov, who recently violated the recognizance not to leave the place by moving to the city of Dmitrov, suddenly claimed that the traffic police officers behaved very aggressively.

In particular, Uskov said that one of the policemen poked the gun at his throat.

When asked about why it is the first time he sounded his complaints against the policeman, who detained him, Uskov said that then the police behaved correctly.

Uskov did not admit his guilt in using force against the policemen, and about the foul language, said that young people used it to "link the words," and not for the purpose of offending anyone.

It is to be recalled that at the hearing on 4 October, the accused Madjidov said that the chase was provoked by the police themselves, who behaved aggressively, and one of the traffic police officers threw his baton in the car. Later, Ruslan Shamsuarov joined the charges against the law enforcement officers. He quoted the police officer saying "I would shoot you all." After that, young people got scared and tried to run away from the police.

On May 22, a group of young people on Gelandewagen grossly violated the traffic rules. When the traffic police wanted to stop them, young people decided to escape from them, provoking a chase with the dangerous maneuvers and thereby creating a threat to life and health of the police. The accused recorded the event on video and broadcasted it on the Internet, commenting their actions with offensive remarks against the pursuing police officers.



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