Meet CrimeRussia mobile app for iOS and Android (available in English) 

Meet CrimeRussia mobile app for iOS and Android (available in English)
We present our mobile application for iOS and Android Photo: The CrimeRussia

The CrimeRussia is pleased to present our readers an official mobile application for iOS and Android. New version of the CrimeRussia mobile application has been released in App Store and Google Play with its improved interface, updated design, and corrected mistakes.

The CrimeRussia is a unique web source aimed at fighting against corruption and organized crime in Russia. In addition to the most relevant and important news, the CrimeRussia is working on growth of a number of exclusive materials based on reliable information. The concept ‘All-At-Once’ lets our readers get a comprehensive picture of the events, which take place in the Russian criminal world.

Our project, browser-based version of which was launched in 2009, is now available on your mobile. The CrimeRussia app will allow our readers to stay tuned to the most important events in the country in 24/7 format, as well as to get information posted on the website in real-time.

The app is functional: it contains 12 thematic information sections, as well as additional headings on plots, events and personalities.


You can share the article you liked easily: in popular social networks and messengers. In addition to a ‘standard set’ - VK, Facebook and Twitter – one can tell their friends about a favorite post via Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp and Viber using our app.

Moreover, you can meet our ‘video library’ section of the CrimeRussia, as well as the poll section, in which you can share your opinion on the most relevant issues, covered by the CrimeRussia.


The CrimeRussia app is available free in App Store and Google Play.

Requirements: Android 4.1 and above is needed for the Android users; iOS 8.0 or later version for iPhone and iPad.

In addition, the CrimeRuusia recommends to all Internet users to use VPN-Internet services, which allow to visit websites blocked on the territory of Russia, including our website. With the help of VPN-program you can skirt a ban of Roskomnadzor on the CrimeRussa website, which was put due to truthful information we publish. Moreover, VPN-services allow you not only to attend blocked on the territory of Russia sources, but also to find applications of the blocked websites in App Store and Google Play stores. Thus, 7 January 2017 media reported Russian stores of mobile applications - App Store and Google Play - removed LinkedIn social network, which had been blocked by a Russian court decision in mid-November. However, VPN-software allows to get access to it. Apple confirmed receiving a request for removal of LinkedIn application from Russian App Store a month ago, but no further actions of the company have been reported yet. Google does not comment on the application removal.

Russian authorities have indeed found tools of pressure on the technological giants, yet there is no information on the removal of the apps - they are still available when using the VPN-services. In addition, owners of iPhones can customize their gadget so that when getting  access to App Store, they will be automatically directed to the English (American or any other) store, not the Russian one.

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