Medvedev responds to hostage-taking at Kazan school

Medvedev responds to hostage-taking at Kazan school

The tenth-grader wanted to prove to his beloved that he was capable of a “cool act.”

Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the MIA, the Ministry of Education and his deputy Tatyana Golikova to check the requirements for ensuring safety and security of schools after the incident, where armed tenth-grader took hostages in Kazan. The prime minister admitted that the cause of the incident could be “usual sloppiness.”

“Unfortunately, another incident took place at a school; without serious consequences, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to analyze once again the requirements that exist for entering a school, for protection and security, for which on the one hand the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible, and on the other hand – the Ministry of Education, and in some cases – private security structures. We need to see how they work, because if such things are carried out without problems, then something does not work,” Medvedev said.

On the morning of May 13, Iskander Khalfin, 17, took a whole class at Kazan Gymnasium No. 7 hostage. The student came with a knife and a non-lethal gun, but the incident ended without injuries. Khalfin surrendered to the police, the investigating authorities initiated a criminal case against him. The tenth-grader explained that he wanted to show a girl that for her sake he was capable of a “cool act.”



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