Medvedev and FSO asked to explain how yacht club on Klyazma reservoir will strengthen country's security 

Medvedev and FSO asked to explain how yacht club on Klyazma reservoir will strengthen country's security
The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

According to the State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin, the construction of this facility is inappropriate in the current state budget cuts’ circumstances.⁠

The State Duma Deputy from the Communist Party Valery Rashkin decided to find out - whether the FSO is going to build a yacht club with the permission of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and for what purposes it is. According to Rosbalt, with his request he also wants to exactly understand how the expense of budget funds on a yacht club will help to protect the state?

The MP himself refered to the investigation of the newspaper Sobesednik, on which the Russian Government order (24 August 2016) for the 20-year-transfer of the 16.3 hectares water area​ on Klyazma to the Federal Guard Service "for National Defense and State Security" was posted. The first question that arose from the authors of the material - from whom the country is going to be protected on the Klyazma Reservoir?

Деревня Семкино на Клязьминском водохранилище

The Semkino village on the Klyazma reservoir

However, the situation is somewhat clarified by state contracts of the FSO military unit № 48405 responsible for the construction and reconstruction of the presidential sites. In the allocated area near the Semkino village located on the reservoir, according to the contract, works on the connection of the boiler, as well as the evaluation of the impact on aquatic biological resources and their habitats during the construction of the pedestrian promenade, moorings for boats and parking for summer storage are scheduled. Sobesednik is confident that all these give evidence of the preparation for the construction of departmental Yacht Club. "We all remember already become a popular phrase of the Prime Minister: "There's no money, but that is the spirit". As you can see, there is no money only for people, but on the yacht club for their guards – you are welcome,"- the agency quoted words of the Deputy.


Deputy's request
 Governmental order №1782-р



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