Meduza journalist Golunov questioned as witness

Meduza journalist Golunov questioned as witness
Ivan Golunov

The status of those who detained Golunov is not reported.

Investigators of the MIA Main Investigations Directorate have questioned Meduza correspondent Ivan Golunov as a witness. This is reported by RBC referring to the journalist’s lawyer Sergey Badamshin.

According to the lawyer, he does not know the status of those operatives who detained Golunov.

Meduza journalist Ivan Golunov was detained on June 6. The court sent him under house arrest in the case of an attempted sale of drugs on a large scale. However, later, the Interior Ministry admitted that Golunov’s involvement in the crime was not proven, which was why the criminal case was discontinued. Major-General Yury Devyatkin, head of the Department for Drug Control of the MIA Main Directorate in Moscow, and Major-General Andrey Puchkov, head of the Internal Affairs Department in the Western Administrative District of Moscow, were dismissed after the scandal.



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