Media reveal person Denis Voronenkov failed to meet before death

Media reveal person Denis Voronenkov failed to meet before death
Denis Voronenkov

Russian special services failed to establish the residence of the ex-deputy, but the killers managed to reach him through the driver.⁠

Fatally shot in the center of Kiev, before his death former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov agreed to meet with his Moscow driver, Russian citizen Vladislav Tikhonkin. Censor.NET referring to its own sources reports this.

It is noted that Voronenkov arranged the meeting with the driver before a rendezvous with another ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev in hotel Premier-Palace. The deceased wanted to discuss with Tikhonkin details of the car's transfer from Moscow to Kiev, which the driver had carried out from March, 22 to March, 23.

According to operative data of the Ukrainian special services, the driver was detained when crossing the Russian border by the FSB officers and pressurized to obtain information about Voronenkov.

"It is possible that Tikhonkin's recruitment took place or his movements and negotiations could be put under the control of technical intelligence. Voronenkov himself bought his driver tickets to Moscow for 23.03.17, but before his flight decided to meet him in person", – the material states.

According to the publication, only Voronenkov himself knew about the meeting with the driver.

Immediately after the murder of Voronenkov Vladislav Tikhonkin did not reveal himself, show up and give any testimony to law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. The driver flew out of the country at around 14:00 on March, 23.

The investigation learnt that Voronenkov was going to a meeting with Tikhonkin after the driver had left Ukraine.

It is noted that the Russian special services could not find Voronenkov’s place of residence, but the killers managed to reach him through his driver.

"Voronenkov told Tikhonkin the place and time of the meeting just a couple of hours before the assassination attempt. Russian agents did not have any other accurate intelligence. The meeting with Ponomarev took place later than with Tikhonkin, but the killer was waiting in the street, he was ready to act. Hence, the leakage of information was not from Ponomarev or his means of communication, but from Tikhonkin. The murder was planned in a hurry, so there were no mines or snipers prepared – it was necessary to identify Voronenkov on the street in the crowd. For this there was only one extremely risky kind of assassination – killing from a close range. That is why the killer called the victim for confidence – he wanted to make sure again", – the article says.

Earlier member of the board of the MIA of Ukraine, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anton Gerashchenko announced that Voronenkov had planned a meeting in Kiev at 11:30 in the morning (12:30 Moscow time, Voronenkov was killed at 12:24 Moscow time).

Ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov was murdered in the center of Kiev on March, 23. The murderer, 28-year-old resident of Dnipropetrovsk, Pavel Parshov was wounded by the guard of the ex-deputy and eventually died in hospital.



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