Media find relatives of Poroshenko and Klimkin in Russia

Media find relatives of Poroshenko and Klimkin in Russia
Petro Poroshenko and Pavel Klimkin

Earlier, Poroshenko instructed the SBU to check civil servants with relatives from the Crimea.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Pavel Klimkin, have relatives in Russia, reports.

According to the newspaper, Yulia Poroshenko, the wife of the eldest son of the Ukrainian president, Aleksey Poroshenko, was born in Russia and before the change of surname, she had Russian citizenship. It is noted that Yulia Poroshenko was registered with her parents in St. Petersburg. According to reports, her mother works in the Association of Banks of the North-West, and her father Lev Alikhanov is a retired military man. The publication also learned that the uncle and aunt of Yulia Poroshenko are living in the Crimea and participated in the vote in a referendum on the annexation of the peninsula to Russia. also found Klimkin's Russian relatives. The portal recalled that in 2015, he married Marina Mikhaylenko for the second time, she works in the presidential administration of Ukraine. Journalists managed to find out that she was the daughter of the Soviet Major-General Yuri Vasilyevich Mikhaylenko. According to their data, in 2014 he was awarded the medal For the Return of the Crimea and currently lives on the peninsula.

Also, the publication detected Russian relatives of other high-ranking Ukrainian officials. For example, journalists found out that head of the military operation in Donbass Sergey Naev has a younger brother Maxim, who lives in the Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that the daughter of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko did not submit documents to any university in the country.

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