Media calculates payment of police shifts during dispersal of Moscow rallies

Media calculates payment of police shifts during dispersal of Moscow rallies

The MIA filed a lawsuit against the opposition with a demand to pay overtime to law enforcement officers.

A weekend shift of a policeman costs from 1,700 to 5,000 rubles ($26 – 77), Open Media concluded, based on the amount of the lawsuit filed by the Russian MIA against Alexey Navalny and other organizers of the summer protests in Moscow. The Ministry demanded that the opposition members pay the overtimes of their employees. Moreover, it follows from the lawsuit that mostly it were the accountants of the MIA at the protests.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation now considers those functions that should be the duties of the police ‘damage’,” Vyacheslav Gimadi, the lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Fund, said.

In the documents Gimadi referred to, the largest department of the MIA that participated in the dispersal of the protests was Centralized Accounting Department, the administrator of the Police Ombudsman public page, Vladimir Vorontsov, noted. More than 700 employees from this unit, whose work the department estimated at 2000 rubles ($ 30) per shift, worked at each protest.

According to the MIA, on July 27, 4023 police officers worked at the rally, 4463 employees on August 3, and more than 17.4 million rubles ($ 268,000) were paid for overtime. Moreover, after the rally on July 27, about 400 pf the Interior Ministry employees, who were brought in from the regions, complained that they did not get paid for the work on the day off.

The protests were related to the refusal of registration of a number of well-known independent political figures for elections to the Moscow City Duma. The protests were held mainly on Saturdays.



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