Massacre in Tver region: Muscovite shot 8 people

Massacre in Tver region: Muscovite shot 8 people

The police has detained a resident of Moscow suspected of the massacre in the Tver region, which took place yesterday.

A criminal case has been initiated.

According to the ICR for the Tver region, the tragedy took place on the night of June 4 in a fruit-growing association '50 let Oktyabrya' in the Redkino village, Konakovo district. The suspect worked as an electrician and carried out installation work in the cottage settlement. He had a domestic conflict with the allotment gardeners. The man went home for a gun, and then returned and shot the offenders and witnesses with a 12-caliber carbine Saiga. The victims include two women and six men.

The law enforcers also add that the suspect of mass murder has been detained; investigative actions are currently being conducted with him. It is noteworthy that he does not have previous criminal record; he had only been prosecuted for traffic rules violation. It was found that he was drunk at the time of the crime.

Criminal experts are currently working at the crime scene. The circumstances of the incident are being established.



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