Massacre in Moscow City: shots were taken for prematurely started fireworks

Massacre in Moscow City: shots were taken for prematurely started fireworks
At the accident scene

A rough picture of what occurred has been re-created.⁠

The shooting in Oko tower of the complex Moscow City on  November 17 was started by the employees of the private security company, guarding the buildings, witnesses and participants in the conflict argue. This is reported by Rosbalt. Sources say that prior to the firefight, the guards of 'authoritative' businessman Gavril Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala), who defended his driver, beat the security company staff.

According to the source of the publication, on the evening of November 17, Maybach car of Gavril Yushvaev drove up to Oko tower and stopped on the carpet leading to the entrance to the building. The businessman got out of the car and headed to Crystal Ballroom restaurant, where Dmitry Pavlov, one of the leaders of Izmaylovskaya gang, also known as Pavlik, celebrated his 50th birthday. The banquet was also attended by thieves in law Sergey Aksenov (Aksen) and Oleg Shishkanov (Oleg Ramensky, Shishkan), leader of Podolskaya gang Sergey Lalakin (Luchok) and other criminal 'authorities'.

Yushvaev apparently did not plan to stay too long at the feast, as he did not instruct the driver to leave the carpet. However, the businessman joined the banquet, and his driver continued to park on the carpet. About an hour later, employees of Greps-2 private security company, guarding the Moscow City facilities, approached him and demanded to leave in a rude manner. They tried to strong-arm the driver, and Yushvaev's personal guards, led by a former fighter without rules known as Kobra, got out of the cars standing nearby and stood up for the driver. The conflict escalated into a fight, during which the guards of the businessman beat the private security company (PSC) staff. The fight was impeded by employees of Rosgvardiya, who, according to an official agreement, were guarding one of the cars, however, the source claims they actually provided security for 'Izmaylovsky' Pavlik.

The employees with the PSC did not calm down at that point, and began aggressively calling Yushvaev's guards to enter the elevator room to continue sorting out the relationship. In the elevator room, additional support joined them, and the conflict again turned into a fight, in which Yushvaev's guards had the upper hand once more. Then the PSC staff opened fire. According to the source of Rosbalt, this can be seen on the recordings from the CCTV cameras.

The interlocutor of the media outlet noted that Garik Makhachkala's guards had no firearms on them. They confronted the employees of the PSC with the help of fists, improvised tools and knives. Two officers of Rosgvardiya approached the scene hearing the sounds of gunfire. The PSC staff took them for backup of Yushvaev's guards and gunned them down. Both fighters were severely injured. After that, other Yushevaev's guards burst into the room and began to push out the employees of Greps-2. The latter tried to hide in the elevator and "for some reason" took it directly to the banquet hall.

It is noted that no one was cognizant of the clash at the feast. The sounds of the shots were taken for "prematurely started fireworks." Following the dripping with blood PSC staff, the guards of Yushvaev also came to the hall to boot them out. The fight continued in the elevator room upstairs. One of the heads of Greps-2 arrived there, demanding that the gathered people get on the floor. The guests began to depart. The restaurant was promptly left by Yushvaev and his security.

After the incident, all weapons were seized from Greps-2 private security company and the license for their storage was revoked. However, according to Rosbalt sources, the firm may be linked to the FSB and the Interior Ministry. Rosgvardiya is also nurturing a plan to conduct a system check of all operating private security companies, said adviser to the Director of the agency Alexander Khinshtein.

Okhrana federal state unitary enterprise belonging to Rosgvardia was also subject to the check, said its official spokesperson Valery Gribakin.

The shootout left six people injured. The Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal investigation into the Attempted Murder (part 3 of Art. 30, Art. 105 of the Criminal Code). Six suspects were apprehended in this case.



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