Mass brawl with knife fight in Pyatigorsk caught on video 

Mass brawl with knife fight in Pyatigorsk caught on video
Photo: Still from the video

The video has been uploaded to the Web.

In Pyatigorsk, the police are checking into the video showing a fierce mass brawl. This is reported by the regional MIA Main Directorate's press service.

“A check has been appointed, as the result of which a procedural decision will be taken,” the message says.

The police intend to examine the recording of CCTV cameras that captured the conflict and identify participants in the scuffle. In parallel, witnesses are being questioned. 

The video was posted on one of the Instagram groups dedicated to the city. It shows guys with bats and objects resembling knives running up to some men in the street, as a result of which a fight begins. In the end, one of them is shown lying on the floor for a long time waiting for help.

Video: Fight in Pyatigorsk



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