Mass brawl on Novosibirsk-Barnaul train

Mass brawl on Novosibirsk-Barnaul train
Photo: AiF

According to the MIA, the brawl occurred out of personal dislike.

Employees of the MIA Department on Transport in the Siberian Federal District are establishing the circumstances of the brawl that occurred in a Novosibirsk-Barnaul train, which involved 14 passengers. The incident took place on Saturday; according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, no one was hurt.

It is reported that the police detained 12 passengers on the train's arrival in Barnaul. Two of them have not been identified, as they had got off the train before the final station. Some detainees have signs of intoxication. They will undergo an examination for alcohol. In addition, administrative protocols will be drawn up against them.

The MIA did not explain what caused the fight, saying only that it occurred out of “personal dislike.”



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