Mass brawl between Chechens and Azerbaijanis in Pechatniki ended with murder of crime lord 

Mass brawl between Chechens and Azerbaijanis in Pechatniki ended with murder of crime lord
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Chechens caught up with the Azerbaijani crime lord, who was hiding from the massacre and shot him dead on Samarkand Boulevard in the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

The murder of Garib Orudzhev, a native of Azerbaijan, in the south-east of Moscow on the night of February 15, was a continuation of the massacre at the Neolith cafe in the capital, where there was a mass brawl with shooting between immigrants from Azerbaijan and Chechnya. This is reported by Rosbalt referring to a source in law enforcement.

The agency notes that the officers of the Moscow criminal investigation department are already connected to the investigation of the incident.

The CrimeRussia previously reported that on the night of February 15 in the Pechatniki district there was a mass brawl with shooting, in which, according to the police, 20 people took part. Eyewitnesses call the number of participants in the massacre with shooting – from 70 to 100. During the arrest two policemen were injured.

According to the official version, the conflict occurred on a domestic basis. According to another version, the fight wore an interethnic character because of the insult that the Chechen had made. Azeris beat him and forced him to apologize to the camera. When he was released, he complained to his fellow countrymen who broke into the Neolith cafe owned by Azeri Yashar Aliyev. He himself was not there at the time of the attack, but his Infiniti was seriously damaged, parked nearby. According to Aliyev, he had previously had no conflicts or threats from Chechens. He could not explain why his cafe was chosen for the attack.

That same evening, a 52-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Garib Orudzhev, who, according to some sources, worked as a taxi driver, was killed on Samarkand Boulevard with four shots from a Glock pistol.

According to the source of Rosbalt, Orudzhev was a crime lord who headed the brigade of Azerbaijanis, and the Neolith cafe in the Pechatniki district of Moscow, where the mass inter-ethnic brawl took place, was its headquarters.

According to the agency interlocutor, having arrived in a cafe, natives of Chechnya avenged natives of Azerbaijan, who had offended their countryman, who suffers from a serious illness.

Previously, he had quarreled with immigrants from Azerbaijan living in the metropolitan Pechatniki district, who were part of the brigade of Garib Orudzhev, who, according to the source of the agency, controlled a number of restaurants and retail outlets in the Pechatniki district.

First, a Chechen named Alikhan in social networks made disrespectful remarks to both opponents and the Azerbaijanis in general, the newspaper writes. He was called to a meeting, where Alikhan came alone. He was beaten, strangled unconscious, and then taken in the trunk to Orudzhev, where he was beaten for several hours and periodically forced to apologize for the recording, after which one of the records was posted on the Internet. After the execution the Chechen was again plunged into the trunk, taken away and thrown on the street.

After the video appeared on the Web, representatives of the Chechen diaspora in different cities of Russia began to discuss the incident, after which it was decided to “give battle” to people from Azerbaijan.

As a result, several immigrants from Chechnya in Moscow contacted the natives of Azerbaijan and called them to the meeting in the Neolith cafe on the evening of February 14. They were joined by Chechens from other regions of Russia who wanted to punish their compatriots' offenders. In total, according to the agency, there were at least 30 people.

Arriving at the cafe, more than a dozen Chechens called offenders into the street, where more than 20 immigrants from Chechnya immediately left the vehicles, after which they began to beat the Azerbaijanis, using a traumatic weapon.

Orudzhev, who the Chechens came to punish, managed to escape first. However, after the chase they caught up with the crime lord at the Samarkand Boulevard and shot several shots in the back, Rosbalt reports. A criminal case has been opened in the fact of the murder.

After the fight in Pechatniki, a criminal case on hooliganism was also initiated. 18 citizens were brought to the MIA Directorate for the Pechatniki district for the check for involvement in the commission of illegal acts, said Titov. Later, agency sources reported 25 detainees. The Public Observation Commission (POC) of Moscow appealed to the Moscow Prosecutor's Office with a request to verify information about the illegally detained. 

Video: Shooting of a taxi driver on Samarkand Boulevard got on video



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