Masked people attempted to kidnap main witness in case of missing judge Kashaikina

Masked people attempted to kidnap main witness in case of missing judge Kashaikina
Olga Kashaikina

Masked people attempted to kidnap the main witness in the case of missing Olga Kashaikina, a retired federal judge, in Moscow.

According to the Moscow police, an attack on lawyer Anton Baumshtein occurred a few days ago near building №101 on Prospekt Mira avenue. The lawyer was going to his office, when a dark off roader stopped nearby, and a few masked people jumped out of it. They assaulted Anton Baumshtein, beat him, handcuffed, and attempted to put into the car. However, their attempt failed – bystanders interfered and scared the attackers away. Currently the injured lawyer is in hospital. The Ostankinsky District Investigations Department of the Main Investigations Directorate for the City of Moscow of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (the ICR) is reviewing the incident; the initiation of a criminal case in under consideration.

The attacked occurred after Anton Baumshtein was questioned in the framework of the case of missing former federal judge Olga Kashaikina. It is known that he communicated with Kashaikina not only the day before her disappearance, but probably on the day she vanished as well.

To refresh background: as the CrimeRussia had reported earlier, on July 10, 2016 it became known that Olga Kashaikina, a former judge and currently head of the legal department in Otkritie (Discovery) Bank, disappeared. On the next day, the Moscow Lost and Found Office portal has published information about found documents belonging to the woman.

The investigators have determined that the 37-year old woman was last seen on May 7, 2016. On that day, Olga Kashaikina left her home wearing an evening dress and without ID and cellphone. She told her parents that she is invited to a social event held in an underground casino for VIP guests, and communication devices are prohibited due to the secrecy. She also told her parents about the dress code at this social event.

The common-law partner of Kashaikina was the first to discover that she is missing when he returned from a business trip on May 9, 2016. After finding her cellphone and ID’s left at home, he immediately addressed the police.

Using footage recorded by city security cameras, police found that the woman arrived to Altufievskoe highway in somebody’s car. This is where she was caught on street cameras for the last time.

The law enforcement authorities have initiated a criminal case under the Murder article and are currently investigating possible versions. According to the investigators, in addition to professional activities of Kashaikina, the crime could be linked with the large amount of money she had that evening. Before going to the party, Olga Kashaikina has withdrawn 150 thousand rubles from her bank card. The investigators are currently determining, who had invited Kashaikina to the underground casino and looking for those who could see her on Altufievskoe highway.



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