Martial arts coach was accomplice of Voronenkov’s murderer

Martial arts coach was accomplice of Voronenkov’s murderer
‘Freedom to Ukrainian patriots’, Levents Yaroslav Anatolyevich Photo: Social networks

Media named the second possible participant of attempt at ex-deputy of the State Duma Denis Voronenkov. It is supposed that it is Yaroslav Levenets.

Today, the Ukrainian media published information on the possible accomplice of Pavel Parshov, who shot former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov in the center of Kiev on March 23.

According to journalists, the second participant of attempt is former serviceman of the Ukrainian nationalist Donbass battalion Yaroslav Levents, who is already wanted. Meanwhile law enforcement authorities suspect him of the illegal address of weapon or explosive. However, as journalists found out, it is not the first criminal experience for Levents.

In particular, in 2012 he became defendant in the case over organization of criminal group. However, as the website of the radical organization of the Ukrainian nationalists Right Sector (the extremist group forbidden in the territory of the Russian Federation) reports, some Ukrainian human rights activists rose in Yaroslav Levents's defense, as the result of what he was recognized as the political prisoner. Then Levenets organized school of training in a fighting hopak in native Dnipropetrovsk and taught generally youth.

In 2014 Levenets got to commander of the Donbass battalion Semyon Semyonchenko as a part of which he participated in the military conflict in Donbass where he probably got acquainted with future murderer of Voronenkov - Pavel Parshov. 



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