Maria Maksakova to challenge right to Voronenkov's inheritance 

Maria Maksakova to challenge right to Voronenkov's inheritance
Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov

After Voronenkov’s murder, his widow received only a third of the ex-deputy 's property worth 1.3 billion rubles (22.8 million dollars), namely, a 4-room apartment and a suite of rooms in the Moscow International Business Center.

The widow of the late ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov, Opera singer and former deputy Maria Maksakova intends to achieve fairness in the division of Voronenkov's elite real estate estimated at more than 1 billion rubles (17.5 million dollars) between his heirs.

This was announced by Maksakova in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"The proceedings have been launched; here’s hoping for the judiciary’s prudence. Everything Yulia earned was due to being married. Denis had always been the breadwinner and the only source of income. The court should attribute everything Yulia currently owns to the hereditary part, because such is the law (half of what was acquired in marriage is the conjugal share of Denis, which should be divided between his children); there’s nothing to talk about. As for the property registered in the name of children and her parents, it will be a certain judicial precedent; the judges are to decide," Maria Maksakova said, expressing hope for an adequate and balanced decision of the court.

She also denied the information that Denis Voronenkov bequeathed all the property to his ex-spouse Yulia and children from the first marriage, 19-year-old Nikolay and 16-year-old Kseniya shortly before his death.

According to Maksakova, Voronenkov did not do this. Real Estate in Moscow in the form of several luxury apartments, houses and land had already been registered in the name of Yulia Voronenkova, their joint children, and her parents, since it was jointly acquired in marriage, Maksakova stressed.

The singer noted that after Voronenkov divorced his first wife, they never got around to division of property, as Yulia ignored his calls for visiting a notary, referring to the poor state of her health.

Maksakova also expressed outrage in connection with Yulia Voronenkova and Denis's former mother-in-law Lyudmila Plotnikova filing a claim for property division to the Tverskoy Court of Moscow shortly before his death; with the appeal, the former deputy's ex-wife intended to sue him for another apartment in favor of their daughter Kseniya.

Юлия Вороненкова

Yulia Voronenkova, ex-wife of Denis Voronenkov

Let us recall that after the death of Yulia Voronenkova's ex-husband, she got broad acres in the Zhavoronki village near the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway worth 600 million rubles (10.5 million dollars) (two houses and four plots of land), a three-room flat in Dom v Sokolnikakh Housing Complex, which Yulia Voronenkova has already sold for 40 million rubles (700 thousand dollars), and a 4-room apartment with an area of 226 square meters worth 80 million rubles (1.4 million dollars) in Kuntsevo Housing Complex in the west of Moscow.

Voronenkov's 19-year-old son Nikolay inherited two apartments with a total area of 760 square meters worth at least 500 million rubles (8.7 million dollars) in a house on Tverskaya and a 70-meter apartment worth 25 million rubles (440 thousand dollars) on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street from his father.

Former State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov was shot dead by a hitman on March 23 in the center of Kiev, where he went together with his wife, also former deputy Maria Maksakova, immediately after the expiration of their deputy mandates. Denis Voronenkov was under investigation on suspicion of fraud and had been put on the federal wanted list in Russia. 



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