Mara Bagdasaryan's lawyer told about her epileptic attacks

Mara Bagdasaryan's lawyer told about her epileptic attacks
Mara Bagdasaryan

Lawyer of the infamous 'serial traffic rules violator' Mara Bagdasaryan David Kemulariya has spoken in detail about health problems of his client.

In particular, he told in a REN TV story that Mara Bagdasaryan's liver is fractured in 6 places (as a result of accidents), her heart “is not functioning properly”, and that the street racer has epilepsy seizures.

In addition, according to Kemulariya, the girl may suffer possible deformation of the jaw, since Bagdasaryan has braces that require condition monitoring. Moreover, she has to visit a gynecologist.

The last time Baghdasarian was arrested on the night from January 5 to 6 due to tens of unpaid fines. However, the notorious racer refused to be delivered to a police station due to poor health. Following this, after being transferred to a hospital on ambulance car, Bagdasaryan fled, explaining that she felt much better. But doctors managed to diagnose her with post-convulsive seizure condition.

January 12, the Magistrate's Court sentenced the participant of races on Gelandewagen owned by the son of Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov to 15 days of administrative arrest for evasion from serving of compulsory work. Earlier, the court imposed 595 hours of work as a janitor in the Moscow district Sokol on the girl.

January 9, it became known that Moscow Prosecutor's Office is preparing a petition for life revocation of Mara Bagdasaryan's driver's license. According to the order, issued by the Magistrate's Judge of the Aeroport district on December 22, 2016, the offender has a disease, which is counter to motor vehicle driving.

It is noteworthy that according to the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 1604 of 29.12.2014, in Russia epilepsy is a contraindication to driving.



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