Mara Bagdasaryan posted new video with Shamsuarov performing drifting 

Mara Bagdasaryan posted new video with Shamsuarov performing drifting

The notorious streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan known for numerous violations of traffic rules has posted on her Facebook page a video of Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of Lukoil Vice President, performing drifting.

Last week the Gagarin Court of Moscow sentenced him to 300 hours of compulsory labor with confiscation of the vehicle along with another defendant in the infamous case of the Gelandewagen races.

The video, which was published following a series of critical remarks about the sentence for rich kids driving Gelandewagen being too mild, is called "The New Adventures of Borzrus".

However, the published video may be of provocative nature. Judging by the green lawns and trees, as well as the lightly dressed Shamsuarov, we can assume that the record was made in summer.

Let us recall that 22-year-old Mara Bagdasaryan also participated in the controversial Gelandewagen race, however, she managed to escape prosecution after serving 10 days of administrative arrest. Meanwhile, it is known that after leaving the detention facility, Mara managed to break the traffic rules more than 140 times.

It should be reminded that October 17 the Moscow court sentenced two participants of Gelandewagen races, Ruslan Shamsuarov and Victor Uskov, to 300 hours of community service, acquitting the third person involved in the case, Abdulvakhob Madzhidov.

Defendants in the case were found guilty of insulting the authorities, however, they were acquitted on charges of threatening to use violence against law enforcement agencies. Shamsuarov's car was seized by the court in favor of the state.

Video: Rich kid Shamsuarov BMW car drift



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