Mara Bagdasaryan might be revoked a driver's license

Mara Bagdasaryan might be revoked a driver's license
Scandalous street racer is contraindicated to drive car for medical reasons

The Savelovsky court asked the Prosecutor to consider the possibility of suspending the scandalous race on Gelandewagen with Lukoil Vice-President son Ruslan Shamsuarov participant's driver's licence.

According to court spokesman Konstantin Timoshenko, in the record of an administrative offense a medical certificate with diagnosis, which prevents Bagdasaryan driving the car, was presented.

In this regard, the magistrate will send to the Prosecutor's Office the request ​​considering the revocation of Mara Bagdasaryan's licence.

On Thursday, the court considered another 4 administrative reports of Bagdasaryan for non-payment of traffic fines, in the aggregate for which she is sentenced to a fine totaling 6 thousand rubles.

In 12 meetings the court examined 72 cases on Bagdasaryan's administrative offenses, upon which she was fined for a total sum of 183 000 rubles and spent 24 days under arrest. In addition, the malignant violator of traffic rules should work out 595 hours of compulsory work as a janitor in the Moscow Sokol district.

Recall that the witness in the Gelandewagen race's case was detained by the traffic police for a parking on the sidewalk on Leninsky Avenue. During the examination, a large number of discharged to her fines for violation of traffic rules has been found.



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