Mara Bagdasaryan detained in Moscow for third time in week

Mara Bagdasaryan detained in Moscow for third time in week
Mara Bagdasaryan asked the Russian President to interfere in the situation

The infamous violator of traffic regulations is accused of skipping the public works appointed to her by court.

Racer Mara Bagdasaryan was detained in Moscow for the third time, Mash Telegram-channel reports. The detention happened during the corrective works in State Budgetary Institution Zhilishchnik on Alabyan Street.

Now bailiffs will bring the girl to a court session. It is noted that Bagdasaryan was detained for skipping the corrective works, during which Mara Bagdasaryan should clean streets. Earlier the court has already returned material concerning the representative of ‘gold youth’ to the Federal Bailiffs Service twice.

Besides, on Wednesday, June 28, it became known that Mara Bagdasaryan's representative lawyer David Kemulariya declared that a complaint application addressed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin was submitted on behalf of the violator.

To recall, the street racer became known to the general public after the ‘race’ which took place in May 2016. Then an elite Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen car was escaping from a pursuit of traffic police cars for several hours across Moscow, creating emergencies. Moreover, the driver and passengers of the car broadcasted the race online in Periscope. Besides Bagdasaryan, in the car, there were the owner of Gelandewagen, son of the vice-president of Lukoil Ruslan Shamsuarov and his friends - Abduvakhob Majidov and Viktor Uskov. The court found young people guilty and sentenced Shamsuarov, Uskov and Bagdasaryan to corrective works. Also, Bagdasaryan had to deduct 15% of her salary in favor of the state as a penalty for use of a counterfeit sick list.

In March 2017 the racer’s driving license was revoked for life. This happened because her lawyer Kemularia provided to court a certificate of a number of Bagdasaryan’s diseases and injuries (including epilepsy) which allegedly did not allow her to be engaged in public works. At that time the sum of her unpaid penalties exceeded 200 thousand rubles ($3 362).

The street racer was unhappy with the disqualification, because of that together with her father and her lawyer she held a press conference. During the conference, Bagdasaryan was offending journalists, and Kemularia denied information on epilepsy provided by himself.



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