Mara Bagdasaryan complained of health problems to human rights activists

Mara Bagdasaryan complained of health problems to human rights activists

Participant of races with the Road Patrol Service on a Gelandewagen belonging to the Lukoil Vice President's son Ruslan Shamsuarov, Mara Bagdasaryan, who is currently under administrative arrest in a Moscow detention center, has told about health issues to human rights activists from the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (PMC).

As reported by the PMC members, who have visited the notorious street racer in the detention room, she claims she should not be under arrest due to health reasons.

Bagdasaryan says about the necessity of medical procedures and drainage in a hospital environment, as well as preparation for the planned operation to remove the pin from her leg.

The person arrested stresses that "the court has not accepted the submitted medical certificates."

The Bagdasaryan's lawyer Alena Dornak had earlier listed the diseases and injuries her client, including heart disease, diabetes, asthma, brain hemorrhage, spinal cord injury, contused lung, and closed fracture of the right half of thorax. The lawyer noted that a few months before the arrest in a company with Shamsuarov in May, she was undergoing treatment for multiple injuries resulting from an accident.

Members of the PMC have also revealed the conditions, in which Mara Bagdasaryan is serving her sentence. In her triple cell there is no TV or shower; although prisoners are allowed to take a shower at least once a week, usually they can wash themselves more often.

Let us recall that the Savelovsky Court of Moscow continues to review the administrative protocols for non-payment of traffic fines for multiple traffic violations by the 23-year-old racer. There are about 50 fines; it will take at least two weeks for the court to consider Bagdasaryan's administrative cases. As of November 18, the total amount of fines was 105 thousand rubles. 



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