Mara Bagdasaryan calls journalists 'animals' at press conference 

Mara Bagdasaryan calls journalists 'animals' at press conference
Mara Bagdasaryan

The streetracer’s lawyer, who was the first to report her epilepsy, now claims that his client is healthy and her was illegally stripped of the driving license.

Mara Bagdasaryan, who has been recently stripped of her driving license, held a press conference with journalists together with her lawyer David Keramulia and father Elmar Bagdasaryan.

The infamous racer, as usual, covered her face with a handkerchief. She started the meeting with the media representatives by saying that the journalists are 'animals' and 'low-life scum.'

When the journalists asked Bagdasaryan why she always covers her face in front of the cameras, she replied that she is "shaking at the sight of lenses." However, in response to the journalist’s answer about the fact that she takes selfies without any problems, the girl let fly a torrent of abuse.

The malicious traffic violator Mara Bagdasaryan on March 21 was stripped of her driving license by the Savyolovsky Court of Moscow.

The infamous participant of the Gelandewagen races caused by the son of Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov and 'serial' non-payer of traffic fines was stripped of her driving license for life due to epilepsy.

However, her lawyer David Kemularia, who was the first to announce the illness of his client, suddenly denied this at a press conference. Accusing the doctors of a mistake diagnosing, he said that Bagdasaryan passed all the necessary medical tests and, in the near future, is ready to re-pass the ECG to collect the necessary information. On their basis, he will seek to return her driver's license.

In addition, Kemularia said that Mara Bagdasaryan plans to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to investigate why she was deprived of her driver's license.

Video: Mara doesn't have epilepsy, and should have her driver's license back. Mara Bagdasaryan's press conference 24.03.2017



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