Mara Bagdasaryan accused law enforcement authorities of extortion $500 000 from defendants in Gelandewagen races case 

Mara Bagdasaryan accused law enforcement authorities of extortion $500 000 from defendants in Gelandewagen races case

Street racer Mara Bagdasaryan, participant of Gelandewagen races case, made a loud statement.

In her Facebook she accused high-ranking law enforcement officers of extortion of a large bribe from the defendants of the criminal case against the son of the Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov.

Without telling the names, only ranks (the Major General, the Lieutenant General), Bagdasaryan mentions a fact of extortion of 500 thousand dollars by the employees for "hushing up" the case.

In her post in social network Bagdasaryan emphasized that she had evidences of connection of the case’s defendants with the corrupted representatives of law enforcement agencies and the fact of pressure upon court.


Photo: Mara Bagdasaryan in Instargam

The defendant of Gelandewagen races case mentions “correspondences, money transfers and phone calls” as proofs. 

“What we did is a split in the ocean comparing to what you did. Dear Lieutenant General, aren’t you afraid that we will tell about all the times you personally discussed the immunity cost? Aren’t you afraid that we will hand to media all the telephone conversation, where one very interesting person was pressing on court?”, Bagdasaryan wrote, marking existence of proofs of her words.


The post ends ultimately. The girl declared that if Shamsuarov's car “will be transferred to Rosimushchestvo and the case won’t go to the Moscow City Court, where the right judgment sentence will be pronounced, the information about bribes will be transferred to the law enforcement agencies”.


To recall, on October 7 The Gagarinsky Court passed the decision on participants of the Gelandewagen races and sentenced Ruslan Shamsuarov and Victor Uskov to 300 hours of corrective works. In the car there also were Abdulvakhob Madzhidov, acquitted by the court and Mara Bagdasaryan. She managed to avoid criminal prosecution.

Mara Bagdasaryan is a witness in this case. She spent 10 days of administrative arrest in the detention center for insubordination to demands of police officers. Father of the 22-years-old Moscow citizen entrepreneur Elmar Bagdasaryan paid in the hearing’s day 200 thousand rubles as a payment for part of his daughter’s penalties, however since then, Mara Bagdasaryan violated traffic regulations at least 140 more times.



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