Management company head of exploded Shakhty house is fan of AUE criminal movement 

Management company head of exploded Shakhty house is fan of AUE criminal movement
Oleg Salantyev Photo: Social networks

Tenants of the house have repeatedly complained about Zhimremservis.

The director of Zhilremservis, the management company of the exploded house in the Rostov region, where 5 people died, is a fan of the criminal movement AUE and was previously registered with the police as part of a theft case. This is reported by Daily Storm referring to its sources in the agency.

Journalists of Bloknot-Rostov have come across a account of a user resembling 25-year-old Zhilremservis manager Oleg Salantyev, who has the same name and date of birth.

According to the account details, Salantyev is keen on the criminal movement AUE and follows various related groups. Judging by his appearance, he seems to be a fan of the criminal movement.


It turned out that prior to the tragedy, tenants of the house had repeatedly complained about Zhilremservis and sought to obtain inspections by Goszhilinspektsiya. Homeowners drew inspectors’ attention to the worn-out pipes and low temperature in apartments. According to the publication, this led to the fact that residents began to heat their dwellings with gas stoves and boilers, which increased the load on the network.

It is reported that last year, it turned out that the company had owed about 11 million rubles ($166,226) to their counterparties. Due to the non-payment of debt, bankruptcy proceedings began. It is also noted that there has been no major overhaul of the house over 25 years of its existence.


To recall, an explosion thundered in the high-rise building in Shakhty on January 14. Five people died, 140 tenants of the house were evacuated. The explosion destroyed four apartments.



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