Man who shot dead two gypsy attackers near Yekaterinburg recognized as victim

Man who shot dead two gypsy attackers near Yekaterinburg recognized as victim

Aleksey Dutov, trying to protect a house in Deputatskaya street, had shot a brood of assailants with an assault rifle. He surrendered to the Investigative Committee of Russia on Friday, September 16, and has already passed a polygraph investigation as well as health screening. In the riot case he was recognized as a victim.

After the interrogation that ended around 8 pm, Dutov was released on bail, said the in the regional main office of the ICR.

The investigation also clarified details of what happened on September 3. Now, the investigation knows two people were dead and seven injured - they all suffered gunshot wounds inflicted with a Vepr assault rifle Aleksey Dutov was carrying. Also, the number of participants in the riots Tsygan Dima (Gypsy Dima) Pestrikov and his brothers Ruslan Ogly and Janek Knyazev are allegedly responsible for has increased from16 to 21. According to the plot of the criminal case they had brought to Oleg Shishov’s house in Deputatskaya street seven members of Ogly’s clan as well as athletic militants to avenge the insult received the day before.

Shishov, Aleksey Dutov, his brother Aleksandr Dutov and his son managed to fight off the attackers, who were threatening to them with knives and firearms. Eventually, two hired athletes were killed - Kirill Shtripling (was armed with a gun) and Ilya Tashimov. The rest were injured with varying degrees of severity, some surviving aggressors ran away. Presently, six of those, who came to the shootout, are in the federal wanted list, others have not yet been identified. It is not specified, who exactly is wanted, whether it is Pestrikov’s relatives or hired athletes.

On September 4, a criminal case regarding the murder of two people and injury of seven other rioters was initiated. Later, however, the ICR stopped the investigation under this article and initiated a new criminal case regarding exceeding the limits of necessary defense. Oleg Shishov is a potential defendant in the case and Aleksey Dutov’s status is yet to be specified.



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